Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Would You Order for Your Last Meal?

SAN FRANCISCO ARTIST AND ACTIVIST Richard Kamler has long been involved in advocating for the rights of those on death row. Some of his best work is The Waiting Room series which looks at the accoutrement of capital punishment.

For this project, Kamler fashioned lead versions of last meal requests from 17 inmates in the state of Texas. Etched into each tray is the name of the inmate and their date of execution. Each tray is 11" x 17" and weighty--both literally and metaphorically.

A new blog, The Last Meal, asks readers what they would order for their last meal.

So far, there are only ten comments, but I suspect that will grow. I wonder also if the gravity of the site will temper the otherwise uncontrollable urge of glibness.

We'll see . . .

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