Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah Palin Invites TWR to Alaska!

LOYAL READERS OF TWR, will remember a time in the glorious past when the box to the right encouraged readers to subscribe to The Weekly Rader because Sarah Palin does. Well, to our great surprise, TWR's devotion to the former veep candidate curried favor with the good governor--we've been invited to Alaska!

And, if that isn't enough, Sarah herself is throwing in a free travel guide.

Out of humility, I didn't want to let on that the governor and I were on a first name basis, or that her pet name for me was "Neighbor" (an inside joke referencing my days living in Russia). But, now that her political future is "stable" for the time being, and no accusations of conflict of interest can be leveled at either of us, there is no reason to keep our "relationship" private any longer.

How long will I be in Alaska? Who hasn't asked that question?

Rest assured, I'll be sure to post plenty of photos of Wasilla, that bridge, and all of the helicopter/moose chases I see. Speaking of which, in the nature of full disclosure, I suppose I should mention that "watchable wildlife" is code for "in front of bulls eye in pen." I'll also post pictures of all my trophies.

Best of all, I understand my suggestion for the new motto for the state capitol has been approved. When I'm there, expect a public unveiling of official t-shirts, bumper stickers, stocking caps, and dog sweaters sporting: "Juneau Juneau like I know Juneau?"

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