Friday, January 11, 2008

The Weekly Rader - An Overture

HERE AT THE Weekly Rader home offices, we are a bit uncertain about the blog. Didn't blogs wear the oldest of hats back in 2006? Why, then, begin one now? Who will read it? What makes this space different from others in other hats?

For one, this space is not about me. It's not a diary or a journal; though it will be opinionated. Second, it's a kind of testing ground for a future book project. As someone who publishes in the fields of cultural studies, literature, visual culture, and the social and political arenas, I have become fascinated by the fact that no one really looks at the intersection of these disciplines. Almost no one writes about movies, books, music, and politics, despite the fact that each influence each other in provocative ways--especially at this moment in history.

Though my co-author, Jonathan Silverman, and I devote individual chapters to topics like these in our book, The World is a Text, even a frequently updated text like ours can't be as immediate or as current (or as freewheeling) as a publication like the one you're reading.

In our book, we advance the notion that everything--the entire world--is a text that can be unpacked, analyzed, read, and decoded. This blog will devote itself to reading the various texts that shape our lives and our cultures: politics, film, popular culture, literature, music, and art.

In some instances, I will write about topics I normally avoid. In others, I'll take issues I'm used to exploring in different directions. In any case, I'll value feedback and suggestions along the way.

My ultimate goal is to create a series of observations that are smart readings of public discourse. In so doing, I hope to help bridge the gaps between these areas so that we see the interrelation between art and politics, film and music, literature and social issues. Over time, these perspectives should create a kind of unexpected conversation with each other.

In general, new posts will appear every Tuesday. Feel free to contact me at any point. My website is, and my email is Here's hoping for an engaged 2008.

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