Friday, January 11, 2008

Norris Hearts Huckabee: We Respond to our Favorite Private Investigator

Our favorite Private Eye, Mike Spencer of Oakland, California wrote with a comment and question about the Mike Huckabee/Chuck Norris connection. Not known for its investigative journalism, The Weekly Rader did some poking around nonetheless. We now know the feeling many reporters have experienced when there is just not much of interest out there in part because there is not much of interest out there.

Let us condense for the reader.

As I note in an earlier post, Norris, an avowed conservative, Christian, and Republican has been writing a regular column for the conservative WorldNetDaily since 2006. He is also, literally, a Texas range-r: Home Skillet owns a rance outside of Dallas.

In October of 2007, Norris endorsed former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in his column in WorldNet ( According to the column, Norris was struck by Huckabee's position against evolution. And when Mr. Norris discovered that Governor Huckabee had a poster of Chuck Norris Facts on the wall of his study (, it was a match made in this earthly heaven.

Actually, I'm pretty sure Huckabee has still never seen the Chuck Norris Facts, but it is fun to imagine. Since the endorsement, Norris has done TV spots for the Hope Arkansas native, and Huckabee has taken Norris' wife to her botox appointments.

That too is a joke, but I'm not joking about how much the two men seem to enjoy each other's company and position. In fact, if you could combine the two personalities into one man, you would, in fact, have a super-human black belt politician who could even kick Dennis Kucinich's ass. Imagine Norrisbee roaming the backwoods of Arkansas, rounding up rogue Democrats and bringing them to justice. If that doesn't make you feel safe, I don't know what would.

Thanks to Mike Spencer for the question. We liked it so much, we've linked to his fun website: Next time we want some investigation, we'll hire Spencer.

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  1. not sure if this is funny or mean. maybe both. but more funny.