Monday, May 10, 2010

Post-National Poetry Month Posts

NOW THAT NATIONAL POETRY Month has come to a close, I can now start posting about poetry again.

Sure, I could have written about poems during the spotlight month, but tiny 'ol TWR would have gotten lost in the tink and tank and tunk-a-tunk-tunk of poetry's biggest, baddest, most gangsta month.  But, a couple of weeks into May, and everyone will be missing those smart, insightful pieces about the role of poetry in American culture.  Of course, you'll find no such posts here, but you get the idea.

The theme of this year's post poetry month posts is "Edgy Projects."

I'll be featuring four relatively recent books of poems that take risks, that stretch the author, that may find the author working outside of his or her comfort zone.

You may not find all of these books "successful," but you will find all of them provocative and in some cases, even daring.

And no, Ryan Adams' Infinity Blues did not make the cut, despite how much I may love all those Whiskeytown albums.

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